Nutritional Health

nutritional health

Dr. Lawrence offers a "science-based" approach to nutritional healthcare, using diagnostic blood work, and many other scientific lab tests. Many problems often show up in the blood long before you actually "feel" symptoms. Did you know you can have only 20% liver or kidney function left and still have virtually no symptoms? How do you know if you're truly healthy? The absence of symptoms is not health. Certain tests, when read properly, will indicate whether or not you are progressing toward a serious illness, such as cancer, liver, heart or many other diseases.

Starting with a consultation, Dr. Lawrence will determine what objective tests would be most beneficial in your case. Combining these results with other diagnostic tools, he is able to perform an in-depth analysis of your body. This analysis outlines any problem areas, minor and major conditions that if left untreated, may lead to serious illness, disease or more.

Your detailed report will clearly explain specific dietary, lifestyle, and nutrient recommendations based on your specific results. Just like your finger print, your blood chemistries and metabolism are unique. In light of this, our nutritional program is designed to fit your specific, individual needs.

Download a full sample report under Patient Resources.

List of Treatable Symptoms

Nutrition is the foundational basis of health, and nutritional deficiencies can lead to many different symptoms and conditions. After an analysis, Dr. Lawrence can help you make simple changes to your diet, vitamin regimen, and lifestyle, aimed to improve the conditions listed below.

Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Children & Babies
Fasciitis (Plantar Fasciitis)
Neck Pain
Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve
Slipped Disc
Sports Injuries

This is not a complete list, if you have questions about your specific health symptoms, please call our office.